Vertical Sales


Vertical Sales MD Cathy Bennett is a highly experienced and innovative sales and management consultant. With new ideas and concepts constantly popping into her head, she approached Three-sixty looking for a way to capture them and make the most out of them from a business perspective. “My head is always full of ideas, and I wanted to get the best ones recorded in some way so that I could build a body of insight that I could draw on and share with potential customers,” she says. “The problem was that I didn’t have the time or the skills to write them up myself.”


Three-sixty set up regular phone calls with Cathy to discuss her various ideas. They recorded each one and wrote each idea up as a blog for Cathy to use on her website. Recording each call made it easier for Three-sixty to write each one in Cathy’s own ‘voice’, as if she herself was speaking. Cathy then used the blogs as conversation openers for new and potential clients, as well as sharing the links from her website through social media to drive traffic to her website. The regular updated web content also boosted Vertical Sales organic search engine optimisation.

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