Is communicating with customers pointless in the pandemic?

Do customers want to hear from you at all during the current pandemic? Or will you be wasting your time?

New research from Berlin Cameron and Persky offers some great pointers straight from the mouth of Millennials about whether or not they want to hear from businesses and brands during the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Keep talking

Half of Millennials want you to keep talking to them, with just over a third saying you should communicate more than usual.

2. Step up

43% believe brands and businesses play an “important” role at this time and want you to show your support.

3. Be relevant and valuable

Half of Millennials want you to address the current context in your messages, while 83% want clear ideas and initiatives to help them through the pandemic.

4. Inspire and entertain

Those people stuck inside are eager for a positive connection, whether from friends, family or brands. They’re looking for innovative ideas and activations to help them pass the time. Some 32% of Millennials, for example, would like spirits brands to create online events.

So dial down the sell, and start sharing information that can really help your customers. Showing you care with the right content will build trust and loyalty that will prove priceless both during and after the current crisis.