Stay connected to ensure it’s business as (un)usual

How ramping up your internal and external communications in the right way can help maintain business continuity and customer engagement in a world in lockdown.

We’re all facing a period of unprecedented challenge and having to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing environment. During these uncertain, turbulent times business continuity is essential.

So we need to keep working and show that it’s business as (un)usual. This makes it vital to stay connected, both with our staff and our customers.

How you communicate is essential. We’re seeing our clients changing tack in what they do and we’re helping them to get their messages out. With events being cancelled across the globe, some of our customers are pivoting to mail-based campaigns, and we’re helping them create the emails they need to make an impact. 

Others are changing their sales emphasis to focus on the tools their customers need to manage shifting working patterns and we’re helping them communicate that across the organisation, as well as to the customers themselves.

If you’ve not done so already, drop each and every customer a personal email to make sure they’re OK. Offer to help them through the crisis in any way you can, while letting them know you’re well and truly open for business – even if your office isn’t. 

With face-to-face meetings off the agenda, you can still maintain the personal touch, show your expertise and stay front of mind by sharing tips, advice and case studies that illustrate how they can overcome their key business challenges, both now and in the future. This content also helps keep your website current, while getting it published in relevant media will also engage new potential customers, to help you to hit the ground running once the outbreak subsides. 

We knew our customers would be likely to need us more at this time, so we’ve made sure we have the capacity to help them create the content and collateral they need when they need it, from emails to internal comms to blogs to case studies and more. We’re here to help you make remote working work and keep you connected in a currently rapidly disconnecting world.