This week in marketing… 6 April 2018

This week in marketing… 6 April 2018

Three-sixty’s regular roundup of marketing news, plus possible angles on how you might like to comment on them. This week, ugly beauty, what China wants, shop while you hike, Telsa’s culinary recharge, Sonos shuns social (briefly) and more…


Tencent holds firm as China’s most valuable brand

Technology giant Tencent has retained the coveted title of China’s most valuable brand for a fourth consecutive year.

COMMENT: What does this say about the Chinese market?


Sonos is pulling its ads off Facebook and Instagram, but only for a week

The speaker company claims it’s concerned about the exploitation of Facebook’s platform.

COMMENT: Does this seem a token reaction or authentic ‘protest’? How could Sonos have done this better and how should other brands react?



The ugly truth about beauty brands

Beauty marketers’ rush to embrace the influencer set has left them in a bad place, says the chief creative officer and founder of Zak.

COMMENT: Do you agree? How can beauty brands turn this around?


How Ace & Tate is looking to disrupt the eyewear market

As it launches its first ever global campaign, Ace & Tate is hoping it can shake up the eyewear market by taking a customer-centric approach and being at the forefront of digital innovation.

COMMENT: What can other brands learn from this? How could A&T take this a step further in the real world?



Consumer confidence on the rise, but concerns about the economy linger

While consumers are feeling more positive, there is still some way to go before confidence returns to levels seen before the Brexit vote.

COMMENT: How can marketers use this information?


China’s young consumers opt for local brands

Greater affluence, the growing influence of Chinese companies internationally and a rising sense of national pride underpin a trend for Chinese consumers to opt increasingly for domestic brands, a new report has revealed.

COMMENT: How can global brands try to reverse this trend?



Calm installs 84 male suicide sculptures on Southbank Centre (pictured above)

Calm, the charity that works to prevent male suicide, has installed 84 sculptures of men with a hood pulled over their faces on top of the Southbank Centre to raise awareness of the number of men who take their lives every week.

COMMENT: Simple, but effective, how can brands learn from this charity?


Outdoor Voices used AR to let customers shop while they hike

The athleisure brand’s new AR app lets users browse products in detail even when they’re miles from a store.

COMMENT: What other brands could use this technique effectively?


Super 8 Hotels debuts concept car inspired by redesigned guest rooms

The first ever concept car from a hotel chain aims to be ultimate road trip companion.

COMMENT: Do you think this approach will work?



Tesla owners might soon recharge at a retro-themed restaurant

Reviving drive-in style food service is one amenity Tesla is considering implementing at a new supercharger station in LA.

COMMENT: Is Telsa’s approach to marketing better than other automotive brands? Is so, why?