The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is a government initiative aiming to set safety, environmental and best practice standards for transport and haulage businesses as well as any company running a fleet of commercial vehicles. Displaying the FORS certificate is becoming increasingly popular within this sector. However, the original FORS website was difficult to navigate, confusing and overly technical for potential customers, and the body wanted to make the most of the growing interest it was attracting by redesigning and rewording it to make it clean, clear and intuitive to use.


FORS commissioned Greenfisher to redesign its website, which in turn approached Three-sixty to rewrite it and offer key advice in terms of the site plan and navigation. Three-sixty carried out in-depth research into the FORS offer and its target sectors, crafting not only over-arching copy that informed visitors what the body was all about – “Prove you’re safer and greener, whatever you’re driving and wherever you are in Europe” –  but also landing pages that directly addressed the specific needs of each audience. The new website has proven highly effective at getting FORS’ key messages across, explaining the business benefits of membership and helping drive the standard forward.

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