Forget the sell. Lead the debate and gain trust with targeted content

Forget the sell. Lead the debate and gain trust with targeted content

The key to marketing in the pandemic? Forget the sell. Instead, lead the debate, gain your audience’s trust, and engage with them more deeply through targeted content.

Organisations are looking for solutions to get them through the pandemic and accelerate through the recovery. Make sure you’re engaging with them at this crucial time with practical answers and innovative ideas that they will find valuable.

Here’s how you can achieve this effectively with minimum marketing spend:

One of our clients devised a great concept to help brands connect with consumers during lockdown by creating engaging experiences at home.

Together we worked on a series of articles explaining the concept and providing key guidance, each tailored to a different relevant sector.

These articles were then placed as editorial content in a major online publication serving each sector, reaching thousands of potential prospects across a range of industries, without paying a penny in advertising.

This is true content marketing. And that’s why it works…

Here’s an example of one of the articles published in a leading global cosmetics publication. We also appeared in key food, frozen food, beverage, confectionery and home furnishings titles. Doesn’t it really bring my client’s concept alive?