Dods Information


The political intelligence and publishing business was undergoing a rebrand and wanted it’s new website to reflect its revised visions and values in terms of tone of voice and written content. It wanted to increase engagement with its key audience to raise the number of enquiries generated through the site.


Dods’ branding agency Greenfisher commissioned Three-sixty to research and create the written content for each page of the new website. Three-sixty undertook a series of in-depth interviews with the Dods team to not only research the various company functions, but also its approach and its audiences to ensure all web content was not only on brand, but also engaged with the marketplace.

“Three-sixty’s approach to writing our new website copy ensured we got buy-in from across the business,” says Magda Orpell, Dods Marketing Director. “It’s style and tone directly addresses our clients, with the level of enquiries we are now receiving proving that it is resonating with the people who matter.”

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