Four out of five brands are crafting empathetic content for the crisis

New research shows that major brands are shifting marketing strategies to use content to mobilise “empathy and utility on a scale hitherto unseen”.

Although 81% of brands are putting planned marketing campaigns on hold due to the pandemic, they are far from standing still, according to the latest statistics from the World Federation of Advertisers.

The survey of the world’s largest advertisers found that roughly the same proportion are developing new content directly relevant to the crisis. Around half have already begun sharing these new messages, while almost a third will soon be following suit.

So what are they saying?

– 79% are talking directly to their customers about the how the pandemic is affecting their lives

– They are seeking to be useful to their people, customers and partners in the short-term, while planning effectively for the longer term

– They are “mobilising empathy and utility on a scale hitherto unseen”

– They are adopting human approaches to support society

– They are showing solidarity to their agencies and partners, understanding their supply chains need their support more than ever

Everyone is sure to benefit from this sudden humanisation of brands. And let’s hope the business benefits it brings through trust and loyalty ensure it continues post-pandemic.

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