All in a year’s work… maximising the potential of content

What would you expect from 12 months of content marketing and PR? You might be surprised…

2019 was quite a year! Continued Brexit upheaval, a snap election, Trump’s impeachment, Australian bushfires and a whole lot more. But when you run a business, life goes on. You have objectives to meet, business to win, clients to serve. And in an era of unprecedented global competition, you need to make sure you maintain a high profile, enhance your reputation and engage with the people who matter most – your current and potential customers.

What’s more, if you’re going to buy content marketing and PR services to drive this forward, you need to know they are going to work and that you’re getting bang for your buck – essentially, great value. So if you’re wondering what a partnership with Three-sixty will deliver, look no further.

For just one of our retained clients who operates in the marketing sector, here’s what we achieved together in 2019…

56 news stories written and placed in key media

Most of these were shouting about the great campaigns our client was running across the year, but they also drew attention to key business wins and new appointments, painting a vivid image of an effective, successful and vibrant operation across the year. And this is not just in the marketing press, but also in key vertical media relating to their client’s sectors, from beauty magazines to drinks industry titles.

9 thought leadership and opinion articles, all published in relevant media

It’s great to know what a business is up to, but how do they think, what makes them tick? Across the year we worked with our client to identify relevant trending topics and create compelling articles around them that established key team members as thought leaders in their field and the company as driving the current agenda. Together we created nine articles, with each one accepted for publication by highly discerning leading business titles.

A potential audience of over 17 million reached

Overall, the coverage achieved reached a potential audience of over 17 million people in the right place at the right time – i.e. when they were looking at their business magazine of choice either online or in print, and therefore at their most receptive.

Of course, these articles and news stories also provided great content for our client’s website to drive organic SEO and for their social media channels, as well as making great conversation starters for their sales team – “Did you see our MD’s article on the future of marketing in Campaign magazine this week?”

But, you know, having reviewed the year with our client’s senior team, we’ve already identified strategies that will help us have an even better year together. So roll on 2020!